.NET Conf 2021

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November 9, 2021
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November 9, 2021

.NET Conf has been a virtual event since the beginning, and this year we’re celebrating our 11th online conference.
We always strive to create a world class, engaging, virtual experience for all our attendees no matter where they are.
Over the years we’ve expanded our content and our reach. We now draw over 100 thousand live viewers and sponsor hundreds of local events around the world.

Over the course of the three days we provide a wide selection of live sessions that feature speakers from the community and .NET team members.
We have sessions streaming 24/7 between day two and three of the conference so everyone can get involved no matter what their time zone.
You can ask questions live on Twitter, join the fun on Twitch, attend the virtual attendee parties where you can play trivia games and win prizes.
Best of all, you can take what you learn here and be a better .NET developer.

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