Why Choose Strategic Focus?

Strategic Focus, based in Silicon Valley and serving the Enterprise since 1986, is a consulting firm priding itself on supplying creative, customer tailored solutions in the areas of market strategy, market analysis, and product comparisons. We are experienced users of a variety of market research techniques, as well as the standard Strategic Management methodologies used within the Enterprise Software and Services space. When needed, the company supports this broad analysis with objective technical evaluations, obtained by hands-on evaluations of Enterprise Software products done in its own laboratory, coupled with customer interviews and phone surveys. Strategic Focus also offers Startup Consulting Services, helping young companies and entrepreneurs to develop their business plans, and raise venture capital, relying upon its proven and extensive network of VC’s and angel investors.

Return to Sender: A Technical Analysis of A Paypal Phishing Scam

Sooner or later we all get spam or phishing emails. For enterprise, phishing emails represent the most common vector by which adversaries gain a foothold into […]

SentinelOne’s Product Journey – A Year in Review

WOW! 2018 was a year of significant growth and achievements for SentinelOne. In order to support and deliver such growth, our product grew and transformed. We […]

A Short History of EDR

EDR, which stands for Endpoint Detection and Response, was born to compensate for the lack of ability in EPP (Endpoint Protection Platform) and legacy AV security […]

How Adware Extensions in Apple, Google Stores Put Users At Risk

As news hit last week of a zero-day remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability in Google Chrome that only requires a user to land on or be […]

Inside the Emotet Banking Trojan and Malware Distributor

On a quiet day, it might be only 10 or 20, but then it could get busy and you might easily run into several hundreds. That’s […]

RSAC DAY 4 – It’s A Wrap, But It Doesn’t End Here!

Yesterday was the last day of RSAC 2019, and what a show it was. On Day 4, we rounded off the expo in style with talks […]

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