Why Choose Strategic Focus?

Strategic Focus, based in Silicon Valley and serving Enterprise Software and Cloud Services vendors since 1986, is a consulting firm priding itself on supplying creative, customer-tailored solutions in the areas of Product Comparisons, Software Usability Studies and Market Strategy with supporting Market Research.

The company’s Core Competencies are:

Hands-on Competitive Analysis of Enterprise Software by Engineers in our Lab. Results are typically used to develop Sales Collaterals, Market Positioning & Product Improvements.

Software Usability Studies for improving Customer Experience.

Market Strategy Development based on:

          o  Issues Identification via Executive Interviews;

          o  Market Segmentation

          o  Scenario Planning

          o  Identifying Distributors & Partners

          o  Market Analysis, Sizing & Forecast

Market Research in support of Market Strategy based on:

          o  Phone & On-line surveys, worldwide

          o  One-on-one Customer interviews

          o  Competitive Analysis

          o  ROI & TCO studies

Strategic Focus also offers Startup Consulting Services, helping young companies and entrepreneurs to develop their business plans, and raise venture capital, relying upon its proven and extensive network of VC’s and angel investors.

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