Run your fault-tolerant workloads cost-effectively with Google Cloud Spot VMs

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October 28, 2021
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October 28, 2021

Preemptible VM instances created through -preemptible will continue to be supported. Preemptible VM customers will not need to make any changes to begin receiving the new pricing. However, preemptible VMs will continue to have a 24h limit. Customers who wish to have no max duration, should switch to Spot VMs to avoid any limits. In order to keep pricing as simple as possible, Preemptibles will follow the same pricing as Spot VMs.

Building on our ecosystem, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), the leading platform for organizations looking for advanced container orchestration, will also leverage Spot VMs. GKE nodes using Spot VMs are a popular way for users to get the most out of their containerized workloads in a cost effective way. In GKE, Spot nodes can be created by using --spot; preemptible nodes created using --preemptible will continue to be supported. Moreover, starting in GKE v1.21, enable_graceful_node_shutdown is enabled by default to ensure a smooth experience with Spot on GKE. When combined with custom machine types and GKE cost optimization best practices, customers using GKE Spot nodes can achieve even greater savings.

NetApp partnership

As part of our on-going investment into Spot, we are also strengthening how the GCP ecosystem supports and builds on top of Spot VMs. We are pleased to announce our partnership with Spot.IO to ensure that our joint customers can take advantage of our best pricing ever.

“Spot.IO is excited about the market-leading combination of savings and predictability of Google Cloud’s new Spot VMs. Google’s Spot VMs will offer our joint customers more flexibility and versatility in automating cloud infrastructure workloads and create more opportunities to optimize cloud spend while accelerating cloud adoption across micro services, containers, and VM-based stateless and stateful applications.” –Amiram Shachar VP and GM, Spot.IO

Get started

Spot VMs are available in Preview now. To get started, check out our Spot VM documentation for a deeper overview and how to create Spot VMs in your project.

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