New KB articles published for the week ending 28th March, 2021

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New KB articles published for the week ending 21st March, 2021
April 1, 2021
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly in Cybersecurity – Week 14
April 2, 2021

ProductsDocument IdTitlePublished DateVMware Cloud Foundation83229VCF on VxRail Upgrade cheat sheet (83229)25/03/2021VMware Cloud on AWS83242[VMC on AWS] Types of VMC Failure Simulations Available (83242)25/03/2021VMware ESXi83243RX packet drops seen on 25Gb network adapters due to page allocation failure “Failed to allocate all, init’ed rx ring” (83243)25/03/2021VMware ESXi83177Troubleshoot ESXi heartbeat datastore problems affect vSphere HA (83177)22/03/2021VMware ESXi83200VMwareToolsUpgrader.exe has initiated the restart of computer on behalf of user (83200)22/03/2021VMware ESXi83194VMs with high resolution VM console may experience a crash on ESXi 7.0.1 (83194)22/03/2021VMware HCX83254HCX – VM with Sentinel agent installed does not show in HCX inventory (83254)26/03/2021VMware Horizon83196Installation failed when upgrading Horizon Client using Auto-Upgrade (83196)22/03/2021VMware Horizon83233Connection server upgrade fails (83233)25/03/2021VMware Integrated OpenStack83240VIO Octavia loadbalancer stuck in  a PENDING_UPDATE status (83240)27/03/2021VMware NSX Data Center for vSphere83190Zookeeper Errors in NSX-V controller logs regarding Read Timeout errors (83190)22/03/2021VMware NSX-T Data Center83189Unable to remove the HA VIP address from a T0 or vrf T0 Gateway (83189)22/03/2021VMware NSX-T Data Center83257NSX-T restore from backup fails with a certificate validation error (83257)27/03/2021VMware NSX-T Data Center83195Removal of NSX-T Transport node from a cluster fails if SNMP is running on ESXi host (83195)22/03/2021VMware vCenter Operations83094vRealize Operations 8.1.1 Security Patch for VMSA-2021-0004 (83094)26/03/2021VMware vCenter Operations83095vRealize Operations 8.2 Security Patch for VMSA-2021-0004 (83095)26/03/2021VMware vCenter Operations83210vRealize Operations 8.3 Security Patch for VMSA-2021-0004 (83210)26/03/2021VMware vCenter Operations82535How to configure Inter Node Communication Cipher Suits in vRealize Operations 8.3 (82535)24/03/2021VMware vCenter Operations Manager83093vRealize Operations 8.0.1 Security Patch for VMSA-2021-0004 (83093)26/03/2021VMware vCenter Server83193How to find vCenter Server’s PSC (83193)22/03/2021VMware vCenter Server Appliance83213Troubleshooting vCenter Server Appliance VAMI backup (83213)23/03/2021VMware vRealize Log Insight83225How to Manually Upgrade vRealize Log Insight via Command Line (83225)24/03/2021VMware vRealize Operations Cloud83236vRealize Operations Cloud Management Pack Compatibility (83236)26/03/2021VMware vRealize Operations Manager82367vRealize Operations 7.5 Security Patch for VMSA-2021-0004 (82367)26/03/2021VMware vSphere83223End of General Support for vSphere 6.5 and vSAN 6.5/6.6 (83223)24/03/2021VMware vSphere ESXi83226NEC High Performance Servers with Intel® Optane™ Persistent Memory 100 Series Support (83226)25/03/2021VMware Workspace ONE83241Introducing Workspace ONE Intelligence March 25th, 2021 Release (83241)26/03/2021VMware Workspace ONE83192AAPP-11079 – Workspace ONE iOS Exchange (EAS) and other accounts remain on the device after the profile is removed if a profile contains two or more of the same payload type (83192)24/03/2021VMware Workspace ONE83207Windows Desktop Services for Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub (83207)23/03/2021VMware Workspace ONE83224Android applications may crash due to Android System WebView (Fixed) (83224)24/03/2021VMware Workspace ONE83252New permission is added to Multi-tenant app for Microsoft Conditional Access (83252)26/03/2021VMware Workspace ONE83244[Resolved] AAPP-11837 – VPP apps targeting specific device type (e.g. iPhone only apps) may be removed from other device types post upgrade to Workspace ONE UEM 2102 (83244)26/03/2021VMware Workspace ONE83245AAGNT-191963 – Android 11 device getting restarted with by toggling Airplane mode with Bluetooth restriction being pushed. (83245)26/03/2021VMware Workspace ONE83220Some devices with Intelligent Hub 21.02 for Android cannot communicate with UEM (83220)24/03/2021VMware Workspace ONE83253CRSVC-19488: CA issued certificates are marked as UNKNOWN (83253)26/03/2021

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