New KB articles published for the week ending 21st March, 2021

New KB articles published for the week ending 14th March, 2021
April 1, 2021
New KB articles published for the week ending 28th March, 2021
April 1, 2021

ProductsDocument IdTitlePublished DateVMware ESXi83150DISPLAYING SMART DATA FOR NVME DEVICES IN ESXI (83150)17/03/2021VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail83023How to disassociate vRealize Suite 7.x from VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail 3.10.x (83023)15/03/2021VMware Cloud on AWS82785[VMC on AWS] Default segment sddc-cgw-network-1 can be deleted (82785)18/03/2021VMware Cloud on AWS83178Slow Migrations Or HCX Tunnel Down When Configuring The HCX Appliances To Use The Policy Based or Route Based VPN (83178)19/03/2021VMware Cloud on AWS83138[VMC on AWS] Incorrect mapping of ipv6 loopback entry 1 to FQDN is added during Linux guest OS customization (83138)17/03/2021VMware ESXi83175Resolve third-party VIB preventing vSphere HA agent updates (83175)19/03/2021VMware ESXi83174How to run vSphere HA agent remove script in ESXi (83174)19/03/2021VMware ESXi83154High Latency Between ESXi Hosts and Active Directory Causes vMotions to Fail (83154)17/03/2021VMware ESXi83133vSAN Management (vsanmgmt service) memory leak in ESXi 7.0 U1 (83133)16/03/2021VMware HCX83137HCX – WAN Optimization appliance not showing IP information in vCenter (83137)16/03/2021VMware Pivotal Container Service83126User created namespaces that are managed by Tanzu Mission Control are deleted when you detach a Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated cluster (83126)15/03/2021VMware Smart Assurance – NCM83136VMware Smart Assurance NCM: Version 9.6 & above – Apache httpd service fails to start after NCM upgrade on Linux 7.x (83136)16/03/2021VMware vCenter Server83161“[500] An error occurred while fetching identity providers” after upgrading VC to 7.0 U2 (83161)18/03/2021VMware vCenter Server83145“Exception occurred in install precheck phase” while patching to vCenter Server 7.0 U2 (83145)17/03/2021VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager83122ESXi Hosts across specific clusters may get into Non-Responsive state during SRM Test Recovery Plan Cleanup Task (83122)15/03/2021VMware vRealize Orchestrator Plugin for Horizon83120400 error while running workflow “Add Delegated Administrator Configuration” by vRealize Automation Client 7.6 (83120)15/03/2021VMware vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager83156CVE-2021-3156 for vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager (vRSLCM) (83156)18/03/2021VMware vSAN83134VSAN PERFORMANCE IS DEGRADED WHEN I/O’s ARE NOT 4K ALIGNED (83134)16/03/2021VMware vSAN83163SET MICROSOFT SQL SERVER TO USE 4KB BLOCK SIZE WHEN USING VSAN (83163)18/03/2021VMware vSphere ESXi83165A Virtual Machine doesn’t resume after a failed vMotion with “Failed to reopen NVRAM: Failed to lock the file” (83165)18/03/2021VMware vSphere ESXi83135Increasing vAPI Heap Memory (83135)16/03/2021VMware Workspace ONE83125Results returned via API calls only contain administrators that have the same or a subset of the permissions that the admin initiating the API has (83125)15/03/2021VMware Workspace ONE83155Block Copy/Paste and Screenshots from Boxer to other apps (83155)18/03/2021VMware Workspace ONE83132Organization Group Assignment In Workspace ONE for DEP Devices (83132)17/03/2021VMware Workspace ONE83149Introducing Workspace ONE Intelligence March 17th, 2021 Release (83149)17/03/2021VMware Workspace ONE83151High Battery Drain and Storage Usage on Intelligent Hub 21.02 for Android (83151)17/03/2021VMware Workspace ONE83168Workspace ONE UEM Profile Redesign for Android and Apple tvOS – What’s new (83168)18/03/2021

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