New KB articles published for the week ending 11th May,2019

Azure webinar series: Deploy Your Applications to Azure Using Spinnaker
May 14, 2019
Cloud Immersion Experience: Azure Migration
May 15, 2019

VMware vSphere ESXi

Unable to open vmdk disk’s when the 25th disk or later vmdk of a virtual machine using NBD transport mode
Date Published: 5/7/2019

Windows 10 v1903 hangs and Windows Server v1903 gives BSOD during power on when vIOMMU is enabled
Date Published: 5/7/2019

Dell PERC H330 RAID Controller will not function on an AMD EPYC based host if passed through to a virtual machine
Date Published: 5/8/2019

VMware NSX-T Data Center

Power on and vmotion operations blocked in an NSX-T environment
Date Published: 5/11/2019

Tier-0 Tier-1 communication down in an NSX-T 2.4.0 environment
Date Published: 5/8/2019

VMware vCenter Server

Windows VM deployment with customization or using customization specification to deployed Widows VMs fails with “Cannot complete customization”
Date Published: 5/9/2019

VMware vCenter Server Appliance

Upgrade from vCSA 6.0.x to 6.5.x fails at precheck with error: “NameError: global name ‘guestFamily’ is not defined”
Date Published: 5/7/2019

VMware vCloud Availability

“Operation aborted due to an unexpected error.” message when re-enabling the Tunnel after making a certificate change in vCloud Availability 3.0

VMware vCloud Usage Meter

Usage Meter returns an error hourly with the message: “Futures timed out Error after [300000 milliseconds]”
Date Published: 5/7/2019

VMware vRealize Operations Manager

“Snapshot|Number of Days Old” property displays a value of “-1” in vRealize Operations Manager
Date Published: /6/2019

VMware vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager

Patch 1 update for vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 2.1
Date Published: 5/8/2019

VMware vSAN

vSAN Default Storage Policy shows that vSAN is incompatible with the storage policy
Date Published: 5/9/2019

vSAN cluster summary tab shows health alarm ” vSAN object health ” Home Object ” “After 1 additional host failure” ” Host with connectivity issues”
Date Published: 5/8/2019

Unable to change the virtual machine Storage Policy on Powered On VMs using IDE virtual storage adapters
Date Published: 5/10/2019

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