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October 10, 2019

Best practices for password management, 2019 edition

It is hard to imagine life today without passwords. They come in many forms, from your email credentials to your debit card PIN number, and they’re […]
October 11, 2019

Azure Marketplace: The ‘always-on’ engine to promote and scale your solution (Encore)

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October 11, 2019

Compute Engine or Kubernetes Engine? New trainings teach you the basics of architecting on Google Cloud

Google Cloud wants you to be able to use the cloud on your terms, and we provide a range of computing architectures to meet you where […]
October 11, 2019

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly in Cybersecurity – Week 41

The Good Governments using mass surveillance to monitor and control the public is, unfortunately, no longer a theoretical fear born out of reading too much George […]