Technology Events

December 17, 2018

Retail Experiences: How to Avoid a Bad One

It’s Saturday afternoon. Your second cousin’s wedding is fast approaching, and you still don’t have a dress. Mall or couch?  It’s raining; pick the couch.... ...
December 18, 2018

From the Boardroom to the Pitch: SAP and Manchester City Bring Technology onto the Pitch for the First Time

Around the world, SAP technology helps teams, coaches, and athletes tap into the power of data before and after matches, but also during games to... ...
December 19, 2018

REST or GraphQL? An Objective Comparison

Are you a RESTafarian? Or are you a GraphQL aficionado? Either way you’ll want to listen to the latest Oracle Groundbreaker Podcast, as a panel of […]
January 7, 2019

Live Webinar: Oracle JD Edwards – Product Enhancements and Roadmap – Jan 15, 2019

Oracle JD Edwards is entering the New Year with fresh opportunities for EnterpriseOne customers. Join the free live webinar on January 15th at 10 AM PST and […]