How Cloud Operations helps users of Wix’s Velo development platform provide a better customer experience

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January 13, 2021
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January 14, 2021

With more and more businesses moving online, and homegrown entrepreneurs spinning up new online apps, they’re increasingly looking for an online development platform to help them easily build and deploy their sites. Many choose Velo by Wix because it’s an open web development platform with an intuitive visual builder that accelerates front-end development and comes with a number of benefits including a robust serverless architecture, integrated database management, and access to a host of built-in Wix business solutions.

But building a great app is only part of the job, you also need to ensure that it runs smoothly and provides the best user experience possible. To make this happen, we’ve collaborated with Wix to bring Google Cloud operations suite–formerly known as Stackdriver–to Velo to monitor, troubleshoot and improve the performance of applications built in their online environments.

How customers are using Wix’s Velo and Cloud Operations

A number of online businesses are already using services from Cloud operations suite to help ensure a consistent online experience for their apps. Here are just two examples.


Created in the UK during the pandemic in April 2020, PostSomeJoy makes it easy for users to send unique postcards to their loved ones. They built their site on Wix’s Velo and use Cloud operations integration to aid a better customer experience and postcard delivery.

The site provides a wide variety of photos and imagery for users to choose when they send their postcards. To do this, they use Cloudinary as their media management tool, accessed from their dashboard through an API call executed by Velo. Cloud Logging helps them troubleshoot the root cause of any importing issues with their images so they can continuously provide a great user experience.

Local Hoops

Local Hoops is a Seattle-based elite basketball training academy for children ages 6-18. In March 2020, the organization used Velo to create a full virtual academy with a Members Login to allow athletes to continue their training at home during the pandemic.

Local Hoops have created this virtual academy with a range of membership levels, and are using the app to deliver personalized workout plans and videos to their users. But sometimes things go wrong, and Operations logs these issues by error type, such as whether the user was not a member or at the wrong membership level to access certain content, so they can understand how best to resolve. By quickly reviewing and acting on error logs, Local Hoops can resolve customer issues faster, resulting in a better user experience.

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