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Data storage provides a key part of the foundation for enterprise data infrastructure, including cloud-based workloads. At Google Cloud, we think that you should have a range of straightforward storage options that allow you to more securely and reliably access your data when and where you need it, without performance bottlenecks or delays to your users.

Having flexible storage options allows you to optimize your total cost of ownership while meeting your business needs. With Cloud Storage, this is accomplished with multiple storage classes. One of the fastest-growing business requirements is the need to affordably retain large, rarely accessed data sets for multiple years, while ensuring very high durability and security. To meet this need, we’re announcing the general availability of a new storage class called Archive, our coldest Cloud Storage offering yet.

Introducing the Archive class

The new Archive class of Cloud Storage is designed for long-term data retention at price points starting from $0.0012 per GB per month–only $1.23 per TB per month. Relative to existing storage classes, Archive is best suited for data that is stored for more than a year and accessed less than once a year. Tape replacement and archiving data under regulatory retention requirements are two of the most common use cases. Other examples include long-term backups and original master copies of videos and images.

This new storage class is designed to meet enterprise needs. “The Archive class of Cloud Storage raises the bar on functionality while lowering the cost of long-term data retention,” says Scott Sinclair, senior analyst at ESG. “With exponential data growth, the enterprises we talk with are looking for ways to better leverage the cloud for tape replacement and other archival needs so they can reduce spend without compromising security and durability. Google Cloud has delivered on that. When enterprises have flexible, cost-effective storage choices, they’re able to manage data efficiently and use resources wisely.”

Unlike tape and first-generation cloud archive solutions, our approach eliminates the need for a separate retrieval process. Instead of waiting hours or days, the Archive class provides almost instantaneous (milliseconds) access to your data when needed. Access and management is performed through the same consistent set of APIs used by our other Cloud Storage classes, with full integration into Object Lifecycle Management. You get the same experience as our hot storage options and can tier content down throughout its lifecycle without adding complexity or giving up direct access to your data.

Here’s an overview of how Archive fits into Cloud Storage classes:

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