Bare Metal Solution: Enabling specialized workloads in Google Cloud

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In addition to providing state-of-the-art infrastructure and integrated low-latency access to Google Cloud, Bare Metal Solution also provides the following:

  • Completely managed hardware infrastructure: End-to-end infrastructure management such as compute, storage and networking, as well as fully managed and monitored environments such as power, cooling and facilities.

  • Google Cloud support and billing: A seamless support experience with support for infrastructure, including defined SLAs for initial response. 24X7 coverage for all Priority 1 and 2 issues. Unified billing across Google Cloud and Bare Metal Solution.

  • Service Level Agreements: Defined enterprise-grade SLA for hardware uptime and interconnect availability.

As an integral part of Google Cloud, Bare Metal Solution lets you off-load provisioning, managing and monitoring of your infrastructure to Google, so you can focus on your own data center modernization.

The nitty gritty

Many of the workloads that run on Bare Metal Solution have demanding CPU and I/O requirements. Bare Metal Solution provides a cost-effective and scalable architecture based on state-of-the-art x86 servers and high-performance, resilient storage. The servers are offered in several fixed configurations that support most mainstream enterprise operating systems:

  • Dual-socket x86 systems

  • 16 core with 384 GB DRAM

  • 24 core with 768 GB DRAM

  • 56 core with 1536 GB DRAM

Quad-socket x86 systems

  • 56 core with 1536 GB DRAM

  • 112 core with 3072 GB DRAM

Bare Metal Solution servers can be used for standalone applications, or configured with application native or database native clustering technologies for high availability. Storage is offered in 1TB volume increments of either hybrid or all-flash disk. For applications that require custom compute shapes or special-purpose hardware, we also offer bespoke hardware configurations.

Bare Metal Solution uses OEM hardware that is certified for many ISV software applications as well as custom built applications, including those built on Oracle Database. These hardware configurations are offered as a subscription, billed monthly with a preferred term length of 36 months. There are no data ingress and egress charges between Bare Metal Solution and Google Cloud in the same region; customers are responsible for provisioning adequate bandwidth for their business needs.

Legacy apps are no barrier to cloud

Google Cloud is the preferred destination for organizations building cloud-native applications as well as migrating existing on-premises applications, bringing reliable infrastructure, leading data analytics capabilities, and a culture of innovation to your IT environment. Whether you’re looking to build new applications in the cloud or to overhaul your infrastructure, we’re here to help you reach your digital transformation goals. And now, with Bare Metal Solution, we’re excited to extend the power of Google Cloud to specialized, legacy workloads. To learn more please visit our website.

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