Last month today: GCP in October

ShapeMask: High-performance, large-scale instance segmentation with Cloud TPUs
November 5, 2019
Privilege Escalation | macOS Malware & The Path to Root Part 1
November 6, 2019

Google Cloud contains multitudes, and every month we’re excited to bring you news, tips and more. This month’s top posts covered topics from ML and SRE to passwords and VPNs. Read on for a quick look at what happened in October.

Capturing more insights from images and videos

  • Our AutoML products and pre-trained APIs let you get started easily with machine learning, and recent updates to our vision products offer even more ways to get insights from images and video. AutoML Vision Edge, which runs ML models at the edge to improve latency for IoT and other edge devices, now detects objects in addition to classifying images. In addition, a new AutoML Video feature makes it possible to track the movement of multiple objects between frames, and the Video Intelligence API can also detect, track and recognize logos of popular businesses and organizations.

New things to learn: Cloud architecture and SRE

  • We’re all students of cloud these days, as technology emerges and evolves all the time. Last month we announced a few new trainings to help you delve into one of the big decisions you’ll make when using Google Cloud: Compute Engine or Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)? Each training offers details on how to use each option in a series of courses, available online or in a classroom.

  • For some inspiration on building reliability into teams across your organization, check out this account of moving a networking ops team to an SRE model. Take a look for details on how Google’s busy production network engineering team shifted to the site reliability engineering model by transforming team roles. This helped the team become more agile, automate repeatable tasks, and better support Google’s infrastructure and developer teams too.

Tips and tricks for National Cyber Security Awareness Month

  • User security was on our minds last month as we explored some new tips and features. The password management of five or 10 years ago likely won’t cut it for today’s sophisticated security threats. These new best practices for password management, 2019 edition, offer tips on measures that you can take to protect user accounts, both around changing user habits and from a system design perspective. You can also check out some details on making user accounts more secure with tips on login and two-factor authentication (2FA). In addition, USB-C Titan Security Keys are now available to everyone in the U.S.

New ways to stay connected

That’s a wrap for October! Till next time, keep in touch.

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