Google Cloud Data Catalog Now Available in Public Beta

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June 27, 2019
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June 27, 2019

“Data Catalog gives us the flexibility we need in metadata management,” says Crystal Widjaja, SVP, Business Intelligence & Growth at Go-Jek. “Integration with Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM) means that data discovery is ACL-ed though the Data Catalog search index, giving us peace of mind.”

Understand your data with schematized business metadata
Data Catalog allows data stewards to tag data assets with metadata and easily search through them. You can define business metadata using tag templates and apply them to various data assets. Data Catalog extends the traditional business glossary concept by supporting doubles, booleans, and enumerated type in addition to storing metadata as strings. For example, you can assign a business category as an enumerated type to a data asset from a preset list of categories, ensuring consistent categories are used when capturing metadata. Data Catalog provides a wealth of API options that augment the UI. With the API, you can bulk attach tags as part of a data processing pipeline as soon as a table is created in BigQuery, storing information such as the last ETL update time as a tag.

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