See how your code actually executes with Stackdriver Profiler, now GA

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June 26, 2019
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June 27, 2019

Profiler is useful for optimizing the performance of your code, tracking down the sources of memory leaks, and reducing your costs. It provides insight about production performance that isn’t available anywhere else.

Using Profiler in production
Many of our largest customers are having great success with Profiler. We’ll let them describe the impact that it’s had on their businesses:

“Using Stackdriver Profiler, the back-end team at Outfit7 was able to analyze the memory usage pattern in our batch processing Java jobs running in App Engine Standard, identify the bottlenecks and fix them, reducing the number of OOMs [out-of-memory] errors from a few per day to almost zero,” says Anze Sodja, senior software engineer at Outfit7 Group (Ekipa2 subsidiary). “Stackdriver Profiler helped us to identify issues fast, as well as significantly reducing debugging time by enabling us to profile our application directly in the cloud without setting up a local testing environment.”

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