Cloud Immersion Experience: Building a Trusted Azure Data Lake at the Speed of Business

Microsoft Azure Developer Camp – Seattle
April 30, 2019
Join Trend Micro, Qualys, and XentIT to learn about their Healthcare Cloud Security Stack Integrated Solution
April 30, 2019

IMPORTANT NOTE: Workshop content presumes a 300-level of architectural expertise of infrastructure and solutions design in this domain (even if on another platform).

Microsoft is proud to work with the following partner to deliver this workshop:

Business success lies in data. But simply collecting and storing data isn’t enough. Data’s value is directly connected to how much and how quickly data is put to work. And that’s a challenge. Data volumes and variety are increasing, more users are requesting access; yet, budget and resources remain relatively flat. IT just can’t keep up. Worse, most of the budget is allocated to maintain legacy data architecture preventing businesses from truly taking advantage of the data market innovation. Businesses need a radically different data architecture to solve these broken data economics and effectively put more of their data to work.

Talend and Microsoft invite you to join us for our Cloud Immersion Experience: Building a Trusted Azure Data Lake at the Speed of Business. This half-day session will be packed with hands-on activities, industry use cases, and technical “How To’s” on using Talend and Microsoft Azure to build a trusted, governed Azure Data Lake and Data Warehouse.

During this session, you will:

  • Learn how to quickly create Data Integration and ETL jobs to build a Data Lake and Data Warehouse on Azure Data Services.
  • Connect to a variety of Azure Data Services, such as Blob Storage, ADLS, SQL DW, and Azure Databricks using Talend Studio.
  • Learn how to use Data Quality and Data Governance to create a secured, governed data lake and data warehouse.

Each attendee will have a local installation of Talend Studio to build a workflow/job. Details will be sent to attendees on how to download/install Talend Studio, as well as further information on Talend Cloud account access.


9:30 AM: Start

  • Kickoff session: Talend and Microsoft
  • Populating the Azure Blob Storage as your Data Lake
  • Using Talend for Enterprise processing and bulk uploading of Azure SQL DW from your Azure Data Lake
  • Talend with Azure Databricks for analytic workloads
  • Summary round table & wrap-up

1:00 PM: Labs conclude

Target Audience: Office of the CIO, Developer, data Architect/DBA

We suggest attendees take the Microsoft Azure Essentials course as a prerequisite if unfamiliar with Azure.

Get the most out of your Azure engagement!

As part of the workshop, please plan to bring your laptop/PC with you.

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