Cloud Immersion Experience: DataStax & Microsoft Azure Hands-On Technical Workshop – Government

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Workshop content presumes a 300-level of architectural expertise of infrastructure and solutions design in this domain (even if on another platform).

Microsoft is proud to work with the following partner to deliver this workshop:


Agencies across the public sector are rapidly moving to the cloud, creating an incredible opportunity for the modernization of key systems and services. While the cloud brings vast benefits, there are real challenges that must be addressed to ensure its full potential is realized. Ensuring data autonomy while avoiding vendor lock-in is critical to succeeding. If you want to be agile, you must architect accordingly.

So how do you eliminate the potential drawbacks to cloud adoption, while ensuring architectural flexibility moving forward?

An Active Everywhere database provides a consistent data fabric between on-premises data centers and public clouds, enabling organizations to effortlessly accelerate their hybrid cloud deployments.

Join DataStax and Microsoft for a free half-day workshop for developers, tech professionals, and program leaders to learn about DataStax Enterprise (DSE), the distributed cloud database built on Apache Cassandra(TM) and designed for the hybrid cloud.

IMPORTANT – Workshop Prerequisites:

Your laptop must have a modern web browser and an SSH client installed (e.g. PuTTY:

You should also have an Azure subscription. If the Azure subscription doesn’t meet quotas for a DSE install, we will provide a deployment in the DataStax subscription.

Attendees need to be familiar with Cassandra as a distributed database, the Cassandra data model, and Azure Services in general.

Target Audience: Developers (architects, administrators, and developers), Office of the CIO. Public Sector only (specifically federal and state/local government and EXCLUDING education)

We suggest attendees take the Microsoft Azure Essentials course as a prerequisite if unfamiliar with Azure.

Get the most out of your Azure engagement!

As part of the workshop, please plan to bring your laptop/PC with you.

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