Powering enterprise transformation: Announcing new additions to Google Cloud Networking

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Currently in beta, Traffic Director delivers configuration and traffic control intelligence to sidecar service proxies (like Envoy) in the service mesh data plane using open xDS APIs. Traffic Director provides global resiliency for your services by allowing you to deploy application instances in multiple Google Cloud regions. It delivers intelligence to the service proxies to load balance traffic to the closest available instance and to automatically failover or overflow to an instance in another region, if all instances in the closest region are unavailable. You can also easily deploy features (currently in alpha) like traffic splitting for canary rollouts and A/B testing, timeouts, retries, circuit breakers and other advanced traffic control capabilities. (Get access to traffic control alpha features.)

“Traffic Director makes it easier to bring the benefits of service mesh and Envoy to production environments,” says Matt Klein, creator of Envoy Proxy. “With Envoy providing a universal data plane, Traffic Director delivers a fully managed traffic control plane with an open interface to avoid lock-in. Traffic Director’s global load balancing and rich traffic control help reduce the toil of traffic management for both enterprise and cloud-native end-users.”

Traffic Director supports both VM-based (Compute Engine) and containerized (Google Kubernetes Engine or self-managed) services, so you can modernize at your pace. We have a comprehensive roadmap for Traffic Director including security features, hybrid support, and integration with Anthos. Learn more about Traffic Director here.

Announcing High Availability VPN and 100 Gbps Interconnect (beta)

Resilient connectivity is the foundation for deploying and managing multi-cloud services. High availability (HA) VPN, soon in beta, lets you connect your on-premises deployment to GCP Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) with an industry-leading SLA of 99.99% service availability at general availability.

HA VPN delivers this resiliency with redundant tunnels that isolate failures and provide continuous connectivity. We offer two modes for HA VPN: active/active, in which both redundant tunnels carry traffic under normal operations, and active/passive, in which one tunnel actively carries traffic while the other one acts as a backup.

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