Choose your own environment with Apigee hybrid API management

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April 9, 2019
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April 9, 2019

Whether they connect existing on-premises applications to new cloud workloads, provide new customer experiences, or power an entire developer ecosystem, APIs are everywhere in today’s enterprise. And with more than two-thirds of enterprises adopting a multi-cloud strategy, APIs are increasingly distributed across private data centers and public clouds–sometimes even multiple public clouds.

Today, we’re pleased to announce that we’re extending our hybrid offerings with Apigee hybrid (beta), a new deployment option for the Apigee API management platform that lets you host your runtime anywhere–in your data center or the public cloud of your choice. With Apigee hybrid, you get a single, full-featured API management solution across all your environments, while giving you control over your APIs and the data they expose and ensuring a unified strategy across all APIs in your enterprise.

Apigee hybrid provides the following capabilities:

  • Customer-managed runtime plane for all API traffic and an Apigee-hosted management plane for API lifecycle management.
  • API design, security, publishing, analytics, and developer portals.
  • Containerized deployment of the runtime in the environment of your choice.
  • Asynchronous communication between the runtime and management plane.

Helping customers scale their API programs

HP Inc, a global leader in innovative personal computing devices, printers, 3D printing, and related services and solutions, has been an Apigee customer since 2011. HP’s ever-growing portfolio of APIs is hosted across distributed environments, and Apigee hybrid gives them flexibility, control, and robust API lifecycle management capabilities tailor-fit to the unique needs of large-enterprise.

“Apigee hybrid is an exciting new dimension complementary to Apigee’s rich API-management offering in the cloud. HP’s digital evolution is accelerating and our goals necessitate a comprehensive API-management platform which works across disparate enterprise requirements and locales,” says Evan Scheessele, software platforms, API management lead for HP. “Apigee hybrid elegantly completes the story bridging between cloud and classical operations domains, enabling end-to-end management of all our businesses’ APIs through a single platform. Transparency and consistency is fundamental to the work of realizing a corporate API portfolio. Apigee’s single control plane for API management now offers reach to all HP’s APIs, regardless of whether they are hosted on our premises, in a private cloud or a public cloud. As a result, we are able to pursue consolidated management, shared standardized policies and verifiable security across our diverse API product teams.”

To learn more about when and how to leverage hybrid API management, join our upcoming webcast with Product Manager Nandan Sridhar on April 25th at 10am PDT. You can read more about Apigee hybrid on our products page.

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