Announcing the Cloud Healthcare API beta: Improving data access and shareability across organizations

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April 4, 2019
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At Google Cloud, we are focused on providing healthcare and life sciences organizations with innovative technology needed to improve our healthcare system. Through our customers and partners, we are working to improve healthcare for patients, providers, payers, and the many organizations involved in the discovery, development, and delivery of healthcare products and services.

Today, we’re pleased to announce that our Cloud Healthcare API is now in beta. From the beginning, our primary goal with Cloud Healthcare API has been to advance data interoperability by breaking down the data silos that exist within care systems. The API enables healthcare organizations to ingest and manage key data–and better understand that data through the application of analytics and machine learning in real time, at scale.

Cloud Healthcare API offers a managed solution for storing and accessing healthcare data in Google Cloud Platform (GCP), providing a critical bridge between existing care systems and applications hosted on Google Cloud. Using the API, customers can unlock significant new capabilities for data analysis, machine learning, and application development. These capabilities, in turn, enable the next generation of healthcare solutions.

While our product and engineering teams are focused on building products to solve challenges across the healthcare and life sciences industries, our core mission embraces close collaboration with our partners and customers. This is why we are also excited to share how some of our newest customers and partners are leveraging Google Cloud to transform the healthcare industry.

Next week at Google Cloud Next, we’ll hear from many healthcare customers, including:

  • American Cancer Society will outline how it is using Cloud ML Engine on GCP to accurately and quickly identify novel patterns in digital pathology images.

  • Hunterdon Health will discuss how cloud-native endpoints like Chrome Enterprise can be deployed throughout your healthcare network to increase information access, reduce operational costs, and deliver a better patient experience.

  • Stratus Medicine will review a serverless architecture for generating real-time clinical predictions using Cloud Healthcare API to feed FHIR and DICOM data into Cloud Machine Learning Engine.

  • CareCloud will discuss mapping X12 EDI transactions to FHIR as part of a broader approach to building a comprehensive Clinical Data Warehouse.

  • Kaiser Permanente will talk about how it leverages Google’s CI-CD process, API best practices, and Apigee API management to power its API-first strategy.

  • LifeImage will demo how they are enabling point of care epidemiology and secure image sharing networks on GCP.

  • iDgital will present their architecture for a zero-footprint teleradiology solution on top of Cloud Healthcare HL7v2 and DICOM API.

We look forward to continuing to bring innovative products to the healthcare and life sciences space, and partnering with organizations to improve our healthcare system. Visit our website to learn more about Google Cloud’s solutions in healthcare and life sciences.

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