6 standout serverless sessions at Google Cloud Next ’19

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Serverless is changing the way apps are developed in the cloud; by not worrying about underlying infrastructure, you can build quickly and focus on what’s important to your app and business. Serverless has grown from just compute, expanding to databases, machine learning and more, and this rapid growth is reflected in our Google Cloud Next ’19 sessions this year. Two years ago, we hosted just three serverless sessions. This year we have an entire serverless track with more than thirty sessions!

To help you navigate the huge list of sessions, here are 6 “standout” serverless sessions from this year’s Next:

1. Serverless on Google Cloud (Spotlight)
Join this spotlight session and hear us talk about Google’s vision, new product developments and customer success stories. Learn how App Engine, Cloud Functions, serverless containers, Knative and other serverless offerings let you build applications that automatically scale from zero to infinity–without having to worry about managing the underlying infrastructure.

2. What’s New in Serverless Compute?
Join us for a look at all the new serverless compute announcements this year, as well as see a sneak peek of what we’ll be working on down the road.

3. Where Should I Run My Code? Choosing From 5+ Compute Options
From virtual machines to Kubernetes to serverless, there are many ways to run your code in Google Cloud today. Come learn how to navigate the trade-offs and different compute models used by open-source tools like Knative and Kubernetes, as well as GCP services such as App Engine, Cloud Functions, Compute Engine and more.

4. Serverless Agility for Containerized Apps
Learn about how Google Cloud is enabling you to run stateless containers on a fully managed environment or in your own GKE cluster. See demos and hear from customers about how serverless makes their developers more productive.

5. Knative a Year Later: Serverless, Kubernetes and You
Knative, which provides the open-source technology for a serverless developer experience on Kubernetes, has seen remarkable growth and uptake since launching in 2018. Join us to hear what’s new and what’s happened since launch.

6. Run Containers on GCP’s Serverless Infrastructure
Dive into GCP’s new fully managed serverless platform that lets you run arbitrary HTTP stateless containers while only paying for what you use and without worrying about the infrastructure. See demos of new use cases unlocked by running containers in a serverless way and hear from customers who already use it.

Those are just the highlights, but there is a ton more content to check out, including: building serverless APIs, serverless security, DevOps for serverless, combining serverless and G Suite, building end-to-end serverless systems and using Cloud Tasks.

See the full agenda here. Don’t forget to register because seats are limited; we hope to see you at Google Cloud Next ’19!

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