New Dell EMC ECS Features Help Accelerate and Secure Data-Driven Initiatives with Cloud-Like Capabilities and Lower TCO Than Public Cloud Services

IBM X-Force Red Launches New Service for Blockchain Security Testing
March 6, 2019
two men putting puzzle pieces together
The Common Currency is Trust: Become an Intelligent, Purpose-Driven Retailer
March 6, 2019

Every day we hear of a growing number of enterprises joining the ranks of modern, data-driven organizations. These organizations leverage technology and business strategies that set them on a course to unlock even greater value from their data capital. A critical component of this transformation is an organization’s ability to bridge the gap between traditional applications and modern cloud native applications, while empowering initiatives in AI, IoT and more. The core enabler of these endeavors, however, is data. As more and more data is created to fuel these engines of growth, organizations need an economical and … READ MORE

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