Intelligent Supply Chain Monitoring for the Consumer Products Industry

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February 9, 2019
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February 9, 2019

We previously explored how consumer products companies are embracing the use of intelligent technologies to monitor their cold chain logistics processes. Now, let’s explore how consumer products companies can effectively monitor their supply chains on a broader scale.

Some of the hardest challenges consumer products companies face are controlling complex supply networks and coordinating logistics flow. Are there ways to make these processes easier and more productive?

Could GPS Tracking Be Helpful?

Sensor technology such as GPS can keep track of inventory as it moves from place to place. However, tracking a large fleet of vehicles within a large supply network quickly becomes daunting. What companies need is a 360-degree view of logistical data that provides more information than just inventory location within the supply chain.

SAP Leonardo for Consumer Products, Logistics Option, Can Help

Based on its deep experience with complex supply chains, SAP has developed Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud-based offerings aimed at improving communication and decision-making for large networks of suppliers and manufacturers. Potential benefits include:

  • Reduced logistical costs
  • Improved on-time delivery rate
  • Optimized production and inventory

By drawing on SAP Vehicle Insights and SAP Global Track and Trace, the SAP Leonardo for Consumer Products, logistics option industry innovation kit can effectively track shipments in real time. It sends the real-time location of the trucks to the cloud, where it can be accessed by the entire supply chain. Therefore, each of the network participants knows the location and estimated arrival time of the trucks.

This level of visibility helps employees make better, real-time decisions. For example, trucks could be rerouted or companies could seek alternative ways to fulfill orders. Because all the key players are connected, the entire supply chain can react quickly to unexpected circumstances.

Visibility across supply chain processes also helps meet consumer expectations for on-time delivery – and throughout the entire fulfillment process. Based on the latest, most up-to-date information, managers can make real-time adjustments that help the end consumer remain satisfied.

To learn more about SAP Leonardo for Consumer Products, logistics option, watch this video.

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