The Joy of Riding: Third SAP Equestrian Day with Ingrid Klimke

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February 8, 2019
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February 9, 2019

Despite a packed schedule, SAP Ambassador and Olympic athlete Ingrid Klimke was in Walldorf on February 2 for the third SAP Equestrian Day at the Reit- und Rennverein Walldorf (RRV), within view of SAP’s global headquarters.

Around 350 spectators– both SAP colleagues and guests from the region – eagerly awaited Klimke’s arrival onsite. Neither the early hour nor the freezing cold dissuaded the avid fans from closely paying attention to the entire clinic until the very last minute. Many used the opportunity to ask questions and snatch a selfie with Klimke during the break.

True to the motto “Learning from the Best,” a group of 12 riders — comprised of SAP colleagues, finalists of a social media call, and members of RRV — had the privilege of getting an exclusive training session from their idol. Based on an individual video introduction and thoroughly chosen by a team of experts including Klimke, these equestrians brought their horses along for the open training sessions and received many invaluable tips from the German “Riding Master.”

During all sessions, Klimke paid close attention to the fine details that lead to good and successful riding: correct and soft aids, structured exercises, proper fit of the equipment, and – most importantly – sensitive and fair communication with the horses, including a lot of positive feedback.

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