Ending Hunger Through Technology: SAP.iO Foundries Startup Goodr Tackles Food Insecurity

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February 2, 2019
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If you’re in Atlanta this weekend for the big game, you may see vans with the distinctive Goodr branding driving around the city. From working with the busiest airport in the world, Hartfield Jackson, to now becoming the ‘Official Food Diversion Partner’ for the game and hosting #GoodrBowl, Goodr is on a mission to fight hunger with technology.

Goodr's Jasmine Crowe
Goodr Founder and CEO Jasmine Crowe

Goodr Founder and CEO Jasmine Crowe always had a passion to work with underserved communities. She started Sunday Soul in 2013, serving lovingly cooked meals to 80,000 homeless people in the Atlanta area. News of her accomplishment spread fast, and by 2016 a video about her work had been viewed over 6 million times. Businesses wanted to get involved and support this wonderful initiative, but Crowe realized there was no scalable and transparent way to do this.

Crowe discovered that more than 72 million pounds of food is sent to landfills each year, costing the economy $218 billion while almost 12 percent of U.S. households are food insecure.

Importantly, financial incentives for businesses to donate food have also been in place for years. Research shows that food companies could earn back up to 50 percent of the value of their donation as tax rebate. Yet there has been no efficient way for companies to track that, and the money has been left on the table. Enter Goodr.

Goodr’s unique software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform and easy-to-use app allows clients to schedule pickups of surplus food via an easy app-based interface. The app provides a tax-deductible receipt for the value of the donated surplus food. Insured and contracted ground teams from Goodr pick up the food and deliver it to nearby food pantries, senior centers, and other community-serving non-profits. The highly localized model of collection and delivery minimizes food waste, while the easy user interface (UI) of the app helps companies keep track of how their contributions have helped their community and their bottom line.

Goodr team
Photo via Kat Goduco Photography

After diverting over 1 million pounds of food and serving 940,000 meals, Goodr is going after more. This January, Crowe joined the SAP.iO Foundry New York to scale up Goodr’s growth as she plans a national rollout across the U.S. with enterprise customers.

SAP.iO is the company’s strategic business unit to incubate startup innovation and drive new business models for SAP. The organization stands for small input having an outsized output and represents our belief that small teams (input) can have outsized impact (output). Through SAP.iO Fund and SAP.iO Foundries, SAP helps the next wave of enterprise software innovation build products, find customers, and change industries by investing in and accelerating startup innovation.

So if you are in Atlanta this weekend and see the Goodr van rolling by, rest assured that it’s Crowe and her team, hard at work making sure our #futureisgoodr.

Akshata Philar is community manager for SAP.iO Foundry New York.

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