SAP Leonardo Helps Venues React in Real Time and Run Smoothly

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January 26, 2019
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January 26, 2019

When it comes to managing sports and entertainment events, such as sports games, outdoor music festivals, and amusement parks, there are three priorities: first impressions, consistency, and timeliness.

Without supervision, clear communication, or proper processes among operations managers, customers could wait in long lines for food and parking or step on trash, which could negatively affect the venue’s customer experience and reputation.

SAP Leonardo for Sports and Entertainment, Venue Option, Can Help

By combing through prior data and using sensors in the venue’s facilities, SAP Leonardo for Sports and Entertainment, venue option, can provide a centralized platform of data for venue managers to look at. Anticipated benefits of using the kit include:

  • Maximizing equipment up time with predictive maintenance
  • Managing capacity, queues, and demand proactively
  • Optimizing the use of a temporary workforce

Utilizing SAP’s robust forecasting capabilities, the kit can help venue companies forecast attendance and suggest how much food to prepare or how much merchandise might be sold.

Normally, operations managers watch multiple screens and react to an alert. They can’t see all the dashboards at the same time and, when problems are detected, manual responses take time. But, with the venue option operations managers can look at one central dashboard and see alerts automatically populate at the top, even before there’s an actual problem.

To achieve this, the kit implements SAP Cloud Platform. This means that all sources of information are connected, making real-time data easy to read. It allows operations managers to make the most of their time and delegate appropriately because they can see who is working on what and when they are doing it.

This kit is highly versatile. It can be used at stadiums, festivals with multiple stations, amusement parks, airports, and office buildings. All these venues need to manage capacity, direct maintenance, and centralize information on a single dashboard.

Leveraging Internet of Things and Machine Learning

By using the Internet of Things (IoT), the kit can help managers locate areas in the venue that could be considered high-traffic areas and mitigate problems immediately. Providing a map to managers of all disciplines—from parking to maintenance—the kit helps to determine where staff is needed.

For example, if the seating predictions are high, then operations managers could send security to the parking lot to avoid any problems. For venues that utilize multiple parking lots, alerts can be configured to reallocate staff to help other lots.

Utilizing cutting-edge machine learning, the software solution can balance needs and help prevent problems before they happen. As data streams into the system, the software learns about its venue, refining the model and learning from mis-predictions or mistakes.  With machine learning, the venue option industry innovation kit can improve with every new event.

The Engagement Process

“SAP Leonardo has a customer engagement process. In two critical phases—discover and design—we come on-site to meet with the customer, see their pain points, and convert their ‘as-is’ process to a ‘to-be’ process,” explained Thomas Tibbett, senior solution manager at SAP. “We then work with them to create what their application will look like and change things to suit their business and end-users. The kit is meant to be modified, as it is a combination of software and services to solve that specific industry use case. So, while managing the premises is a repeatable challenge that sports and entertainment must deal with, each venue option kit conforms to the customer’s vision of how they should do it.  They own this innovation.  We simply enable it.”

SAP Leonardo for Sports and Entertainment, venue option, enables venues to centralize their data on one simple platform instead of having multiple, unconnected platforms. It allows operations managers to predict seating and products sold and offers visibility over all operations at the venue.

Learn more about this industry innovation kit here.

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