From the Boardroom to the Pitch: SAP and Manchester City Bring Technology onto the Pitch for the First Time

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Around the world, SAP technology helps teams, coaches, and athletes tap into the power of data before and after matches, but also during games to gain a competitive edge.

From WTA players and coaches, including Wimbledon champion Angie Kerber, to the SAP Extreme Sailing Team and the German Football Association (DFB), SAP is putting athletes and coaches in a better position to make real-time decisions that can mean the difference between winning and losing.

Since 2015, SAP and Manchester City have teamed up to develop and deploy a variety of solutions aimed at simplifying business operations and enhancing the fan experience. Now, the longtime partners are turning their attention to technology that can be used on the field during matches as the club attempts to become Premier League champions for a second year running.

Manchester City players Raheem Sterling, Phil Foden, Danilo
Manchester City players (l to r) Raheem Sterling, Phil Foden, and Danilo. Click to enlarge.

Earlier this year, rule changes in the Premier League paved the way for coaches to use technology devices on the sidelines during matches. Luckily, Manchester City knew exactly where to turn for an assist.

During its championship run last season, Manchester City began using SAP Challenger Insights prior to games to build their game plans, in the locker room during halftime to make in-game adjustments, and post-game for future match planning. Following a successful implementation in 2017, Manchester City began co-innovating with SAP to create a tailored version of the technology that could be used during games in 2018 for both the men’s and women’s first teams.

SAP Challenger Insights is a mobile application accessed through a tablet that provides coaches and analysts with data and insights surrounding an opponent’s tactics and characteristics — such as their offensive and defensive tendencies and formations — that can be used before, during, and after games. Part of SAP Sports One, SAP Challenger Insights helps the team build and plan strategies, communicate in-game tactical changes, and deliver intuitive, up-to-the-minute insights on the opposition.

Armed with SAP Challenger Insights on the field, Manchester City coaches and analysts can now use the solution to better inform players when substitutes join the action.

Already, Manchester City is seeing positive results as they find themselves battling at the top of the Premier league. And with SAP Challenger Insights on the sidelines throughout the season, the team is in a better position to win.

To learn more, read the press release from Manchester City.


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