The 5 most popular breakout sessions from Google Cloud Next ’18 (according to YouTube)

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Next ’18 may be over in San Francisco, but it’s rapidly approaching in other parts of the world. This week we’re spending two full days with our Asia Pacific customers at Next ’18 Tokyo, and in October we’ll be hopping over for Next ’18 London for two more days with our European customers. But before we pack our bags, here’s a look at the five most popular breakout sessions from Next ’18 in San Francisco, according to YouTube views.

1. Bringing You the Future of Cloud

Kubernetes-based services can provide businesses with efficiency, speed, and scale thanks to the cloud. This breakout session will show you how Google Cloud tools and technology help you build reliable, secure, and high-performing cloud services for today and the future.

2. Serverless on Google Cloud

This session will teach you how to use App Engine, Cloud Functions and other new services to build cloud applications that scale from zero to planet-scale–without provisioning or managing a single server.

3. Create Customer Value with Google Cloud AI

It’s one thing to talk about the transformative power of AI, and another thing to see how real-world customers that have put it in action. This session walks you through the Google Cloud AI platform–from managed services to specialized ML accelerators–and offers a look at how businesses have used it to deliver better customer value.

4. Intelligent Internet of Things: Google Cloud’s IoT Vision

Though devices today can be connected to a network, securely building and managing these networks while analyzing device data can be complicated and time-consuming. This session shows you how the Google Cloud IoT platform can help you manage globally dispersed devices so you can uncover actionable insights in real time.

5. What’s New with TensorFlow?

Get a tour of everything new in TensorFlow–from the release of TensorFlow Lite for mobile and embedded systems, to Eager Mode for an easier programming model, to the new Dataset class that enables simpler manipulation, to TensorFlow Hub which gives you a library of pre-trained models.

These are just five of the hundreds of sessions from Next ’18 that are available on YouTube.That means you can check out sessions that span from upleveling your data analytics strategy to security best practices on GCP to service management 101 with Istio.

Let us know what you think of these sessions by commenting on YouTube, or tweet us here.

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