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Technical evaluations of Enterprise Software Products


At Strategic Focus, we pride ourselves on our ability to perform hands-on technical evaluations of Enterprise Software Products, conducted by software engineers in our own laboratories. 

Strategic Focus is a pioneer in this space, starting in 1993 long before other research firms. Our reports have been used to substantiate competitive analysis, suggest product improvements, and enhance product planning, as well as to support Sales with White Papers and Sales Collaterals.

Some sample research projects in this space include the following:

  • Benchmarking of competing Application Servers
  • Competitive Analysis of SaaS based Billing & Subscription Software
  • Usability studies of Storage Systems 
  • Hands-on evaluation of Agile Development Tools & White Paper Development
  • Evaluated competing offerings of Build & Release software
  • Performance testing of data backup & recovery of Servers, Virtual Servers & MS Exchange
  • Conducted a hands-on evaluation of Open Source Vs Commercial ERP/CRM packages
  • Conducted a competitive analysis of RSS feed servers
  • Evaluated competing SOA middleware offerings & Developed White Paper.
  • Evaluated competing mobile application development & deployment tool sets for a large company.
  • Developed a white paper for a major software vendor on the company’s Electronic Forms solution offering
  • Developed a white paper for a major software vendor on the company’s Portal solution offering
  • Compared the developer productivity of building an identical business process application with BPM software and a traditional Java Development Environment for a major software vendor. Published white paper.
  • Evaluated the relative strengths and weaknesses of several competing Java development environments for a major Fortune 500 company.
  • Evaluated the relative strengths and weaknesses of J2EE and Oracle database performance management tools for a large corporation.
  • Evaluated competing Application Servers for developing product road map and product positioning for a large software vendor.
  • Evaluated competing offerings of Integration Servers for a Fortune 500 corporation.
  • Evaluated the combined development and deployment environments of two leading software vendors for a Fortune 1000 company.
  • Performed benchmarking tests of two major Java development environments for a major software vendor. Published white paper.
  • Performed benchmarking tests on competing debuggers using Pendragon Software CaffeineMark for a large software vendor. Published white paper.
  • Developed a large software application using Microsoft technologies for capturing Business Requirements in any solution domain and matching the results with vendor offerings for an enterprise software company.


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"Today's competitive enterprise software market requires careful strategic planning to guarantee success. Such strategic planning requires a combination of external and internal knowledge and expertise to develop an optimal strategic plan and supporting tactics. Jay Prakash (Strategic Focus) has the right balance of strategic marketing, executive presence and enterprise software expertise necessary to help develop such strategic recommendations. Jay's professionalism, experience and leadership was invaluable as he supported SAP's High Technology industry business unit conduct a strategic marketing analysis of the small & medium business market and develop a multi-alternative recommendation of how SAP could best capitalize on that market opportunity."
- Bill Bowers, VP, SAP

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