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Technical evaluations of Enterprise Software Products


Strategic Focus assists companies, located in either the USA or India and employing leading edge technologies, to raise Venture Capital, relying upon our extensive and proven network of VC’s and angels.  We can help companies improve their business plans and sharpen their VC pitches to get better valuations. There is always money available for companies with good ideas that target large markets and are supported by great teams.

We prefer companies focused on emerging markets in the IT, Software and Services space such as Cloud Computing, Web 3.0/4.0, Digital Media/ Content Management, Mobile /Wireless, Vertical Search, IT Healthcare Automation, etc.

Our principal venture adviser, Mr. Jay Prakash, has 30 years of experience.  He is a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and UC-Berkeley. 

Please send a copy of your proposal or Executive Summary to jay@strategicfocus.com


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"An outstanding professional with great market insights who can work through complex relationships and customer challenges to innovate and deliver value."
- Antony Satyadas, Chief Competitive Marketing Officer, IBM Lotus Software

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