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Technical evaluations of Enterprise Software Products


Strategic Focus uses Business Strategy Development methodologies, along with market research and the Balanced Score Card techniques to help client companies increase their penetration within the Mid and  Enterprise Software vertical market segments.  Contributions may include:

  • Understanding customer requirements, customer experience, software, and vendor selection criteria backed by competitive analysis via phone interviews in USA, Europe and Japan
  • Market segmentation, analysis, positioning, value proposition, and sizing of market opportunities
  • Scenario Planning, including anticipating strategies and future moves of the competition
  • Analyzing Partner development
  • Developing strategies targeting the competitor’s customer base
  • Originating White Papers including Case Studies to be used as Sales Collaterals to compare and contrast customer experience between the client company and its competition
  • TCO and ROI studies.

Some sample research projects in this space include the following:

  • BPM Market Strategy Development with supporting worldwide phone survey for a major BPM vendor
  • Helped the Vice-President and head of hi-tech SBU of a large packaged software applications manufacturer in the formulation of a business strategy for the mid-market. Identified issues responsible for low penetration of the company’s solutions and formulated alternative strategies that the company could implement in the short and long term. The project involved interviewing customers of the company and the competition, interviewing senior executives, estimating market opportunity and most importantly providing clarity to the issues and the damage being caused by not addressing them.
  • Helped the Executive Vice President of a major Fortune 500 software company to revise the strategic direction of the company’s Enterprise Server Division. Project involved numerous customer interviews at CIO level, interviews of senior management and extensive review of confidential internal documents to determine:
    (a) Strategic Issues;
    (b) Operational Issues;
    (c) Market Segmentation & Partner Development;
    (d) Generating Alternative Solutions to the issues and defining a Strategic Direction for the company.
  • Identified new business opportunities for a medium sized software firm in the architectural/database/language conversion tools and services market. Project involved evaluating the potential of these markets including market analysis, sizing and forecasts, partner analysis and development.
  • Strategic analysis, market sizing and forecasts of the e-business platform market for a major software vendor.
  • Strategic analysis, market sizing and forecasts of Internet and Intranet software Markets.
  • Conducted a large phone survey of 300+ phone interviews of CIO’s, VP’s & IT Directors to determine the major issues and trends in the EAI and Enterprise Portal Markets.
  • Conducted a large phone survey of 300+ phone interviews of CIO’s, VP’s, IT Directors and Software Developers to determine the issues and trends in the Web & Java application development Markets.
  • Conducted a large mail survey for a Fortune 200 computer company to evaluate competing technologies for component based software development.
  • Conducted numerous studies and phone surveys for multiple clients on Software Development Markets in USA, Europe and Japan.
  • Developed a go-to market strategy for a major PC vendor.


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"I have worked with Jay on many projects ranging from highly technical ones to pure business consulting. Jay's expertise stands out in more than one way, and his integrity, reliability, and result-driven mentality have made each engagement a resounding success. I recommend Jay without hesitation."
- Rene Bonvanie, Sr. VP Serena Software
(Formerly Sr. VP SAP, Sr. VP Oracle and CMO Business Objects)

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